:impromptu interviews:

i love to talk, i love to tell stories, and i love to write
having impromptu interactions with strangers is a great way to indulge my favorite past-times.

impromptu interviews are exactly what they sound like. they are unplanned, tend to be a little awkward at first, and leave both the interviewer and interviewee feeling like they just made a friend. it is the basic of the art of conversation to be able to find something that you connect with in every person you pass on the street. impromptu interviewing makes allowances for the mood, character, personality, and quirks of both parties to shine through.  i'm a stranger to you, you're a stranger to me. but when we're done talking, we've established an understanding that we are connected.

there may be allowances made for people that i already know: as many people would attest that sometimes we don't really know anybody if they haven't granted us access to their personal thoughts and personal life.  these interviews may be with acquaintances, facebook 'friends', or people who i just don't know that well yet...

Can i request to be interviewed?
there are no requests taken for interviews. If there were requests, then it would be planned! however, in the future, there may be chances for fans of YourStoryMattersToMe to make suggestions or recommendations for folks whom they feel deserve to be interviewed!