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YourStoryMattersToMe is the latest 'big idea' from yourstorygirl[at]gmail.com. Originally from Charlotte, NC, she has been in the greater Raleigh, NC area since early 2006. Noticing that she had a knack for talking to strangers about virtually anything, yourstorygirl began to consider how this could be an opportunity to hone her interviewing and writing skills. Thus began the “impromptu interviews” with strangers in coffee-shops, bowling alleys, bus-stops and grocery stores. Seeing every interaction with an unknown person as an opportunity to make her world a little smaller, yourstorygirl has been up for the challenge of helping people break the status-quo, crack the barrier of politeness, and connect with strangers.

yourstorygirl enjoys playing pool, disc golf, Dr. Mario on original NES, and [very amateurely] the guitar.  she has aspirations to become a sensation as one half of an up-and-coming folk duo with her sister or a best-selling ficiton writer, or BOTH.  a glutton for creativity, she enjoys not capitalizing her name, singing, fiction-writing, reading, painting, and clapping on the upbeat.  her favorite food is pickles, and her dream date would be a trip to the annual pickle festival in Mt. Olive, NC.  if it is sunny and warm outside, she's out there, looking at trees and bird-watching for hawks.